Lessons for 6 – 14 Years

We have many years of experience in this age group. Children of all different ages and abilities are individually taught on each lesson.
– Tuition Banbury –


Rocket Powered Learning

Delighted parents are amazed at the rapid progress of their children. Many have informed us that schools often notice an improvement in a short time.


Primary & Secondary Levels

Although most of our pupils are of primary age, we do cater for students up to the age of 14 years. We have helped many secondary pupils who have left primary school lacking in confidence.

Reflecting on 2018 – our pupils’ results have been overwhelming!

We have been moved by the spoken and written comments of appreciation.  Our students’ achievements have been truly inspiring. This is just a selection of some of the comments. Looking forward to helping children achieve the same results in 2019. 1. Thank you from me for all the expert tuition over the past years. It more »