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Answers to our English test

Here is our quick, fun English test for your child starting Year 5 in September.

This English test will reveal your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Answers are below the test.

1. Punctuate:

johns brother said i cant find the keys

2. Punctuate:

all the trees trunks had to be marked

3. Underline adjectives.

The large, black dog ran into the old shed.

4. Underline nouns.

The children played in the park.

5. Underline verbs.

(a) He is here.
(b) The horse jumped over the gate.

6. Underline adverbs.

The dancer crossed the stage easily and gracefully.

7. Underline the pronouns.

The teacher said that she would read us a story.

8. Underline the prepositions.

The train went under the bridge and through the tunnel.

9. Underline the two words which are synonyms of the word in capitals.

SAD glum tired joyless patient happy

10. Underline the word which is an antonym of the word in capitals.

FEW three many amount calculate



1. John’s brother said, “I can’t find the keys.”

2. All the trees’ trunks had to be marked.

3. large black old

4. children park

5(a) is
5(b) jumped

6. easily gracefully

7. she us

8. under through

9. glum joyless

10. many

Thank you for taking the English test. If your child scored 10 out of 10 – Well done!

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