Reflecting on 2018 – our pupils’ results have been overwhelming!

We have been moved by the spoken and written comments of appreciation.  Our students’ achievements have been truly inspiring. This is just a selection of some of the comments. Looking forward to helping children achieve the same results in 2019. 1. Thank you from me for all the expert tuition over the past years. It more »

Prizes: Each age group - lst £30 book token, 2nd £20 book token, 3rd £10 book token all from Waterstones.


Celebrating 20 years of the Three Rs Tuition with a story writing competition. Einstein said, “Imagination is everything.” A child should experience the enjoyment of imagination. As a teacher, one wants to inspire children to be who they really are and develop their full potential. Children can experience being the best that they can be more »

Enjoy success with The Three Rs Tuition

Totally fired up with enthusiasm in our lessons!

Inspired by the incredible progress that our pupils make. Motivated by the outstanding results achieved. Love seeing children quietly working towards success and sharing this with deeply appreciative parents. You and your child could also enjoy the phenomenal success of our lessons. School years slip by all too quickly. Why miss out on a once more »

Maureen and Gill waiting to go live on More Talk TV

Exciting TV interview!

What a wonderful experience. Very educational. We learnt a lot about the other guests and it was very interesting listening to them. Here we are at The Atic just before going live. Loved talking about our family and tuition business. Catherine was the perfect host. Here’s Catherine chatting with us and looking at our family more »