Reflecting on 2018 – our pupils’ results have been overwhelming!

We have been moved by the spoken and written comments of appreciation.  Our students’ achievements have been truly inspiring.

our pupils' results have been overwhelming!

This is just a selection of some of the comments.

Looking forward to helping children achieve the same results in 2019.

1. Thank you from me for all the expert tuition over the past years. It has been very influential and they wouldn’t be where they are without your help. We are very grateful.

2. Thank you, your teaching has been invaluable. We are so pleased with his work.

3. Thank you for all your help over the years, I am sure that all your help will ensure the best results for my future.

4. They have learnt so much from you and your kind and friendly approach to learning. I shall always be grateful for everything you have provided.

5. She has won two awards for the most improved in English and maths this year.

6. We are so pleased that we came to you because he is exceeding in maths and English.

7. He has won the trophy for the most improved in Key Stage 2.

8. Her confidence has really improved.

9. “I’m really enjoying this!”

2019 could be the year for your child to be part of this success.
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