The Three Rs Tuition announce story writing competition winners.

Writing competition winners announced!

It was great fun reading all the stories and quite hard choosing the winners.

The skill in writing stories is setting the scene in the beginning, an exciting or magical middle and an enthralling, memorable ending.

Writing competition winners announced

Winners (7 – 10 years) as follows:

lst Archie Lannigan, 2nd Joshua Kennard, 3rd Elizabeth Denton.

Well done to all of you. It was obvious that reading for pleasure has had an enormous influence on your imagination.

Winners (11 – 14 years) as follows:

lst Peter Thompson, 2nd Deepa James, 3rd Charlie Waite.

There were some exciting stories here. Reading is the best thing that pupils can do, as proven.

We are also delighted that our competition has reached the local media.

The Three R’s Tuition story writing competition winners.

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